Educate Research Consulting

Educate Research Consulting is a division of Educate Technologies that focuses on general research (literature reviews, policy analysis, surveys and data, and qualitative research) and consultancy to clients operating in the education sector. With consulting experience and research strengths across all major study abroad destinations, our mission is to use evidence and intelligence to provide clients with proprietary research that translate into greater competitive advantage and better results. We work with integrity, thoroughness and insight to provide clients with informative, reliable research and recommendations.

Literature Review
We have developed a detailed online search method involving key words, file type, region, date and source, enabling us to drill down quickly and accurately to key information. We are also very familiar with the main sources and expert bodies for the study abroad industry.
Survey & Data
We are experienced in data gathering and analysis, and using international datasets to drill down to the issues that our clients need to understand. Our surveys are mainly delivered online or by telephone; We also run interviews and focus groups on various topics.
Policy Analysis
Our international policy analysis work have helped clients to position themselves as thought leaders by providing them (a) with an evidence base and (b) with clear analysis and presentation of complex issues.