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Education is essential to unlocking a person’s potential. By providing education related information and services, our goal is to help people get to better schools, find better teachers and achieve their goals. Founded in 2015, our mission is to make education more efficient and accessible.

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Help you prepare and apply to your dream school including application advice, study plan, extracurricular activities and internships.


Help you with homework and exam preparations.

Other Services

Help you with anything else you might need like visa services, arrange airport pickup, student accommodations etc.

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Browse school information, photos, videos and more.

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Browse teacher information, photos, videos, student reviews and more.

Our Team

Dingxin Gao

Founder, CEO

Hassanadjer Masakal

Co-Founder, CTO

Daniela Chen

EVP, Consulting

Dr Ali Allami

EVP, Consulting

Wei Hu

Business Development

Jamie Uy

Education Content

Koleen Branzuela

Data Analyst

Hongyu Yu

Web Development

Yijia Chen

Director of AspireNation

Hejin Wang

Student Advisor
Abbey College
Manchester UK

Xinjingyu Zhang

Student Advisor
David Game
College London UK

Hongyu Yu

Student Advisor
New Talent Academy
Beijing, China